“Antigravity” plays on “Younger” on TVLand! It's a fantastic montage scene in episode 111 entitled "Hot Mitzvah." Begins at 4:04. > Full episode

Holly was interviewed recently on Blog Talk Radio with John Darlington on John Talk Radio > Full interview

"There is no mistaking this voice once you hear it, backed by a truly rocking band. It’s as if all the real beautiful voices have gathered into one amazing woman. It’s bold, it’s fresh, it’s classic... And Holly herself is a talent to reckon with that must be thrown to the masses." > Full review

"There is nothing quite like a kickass rocker chick with a strong voice and badass vibe... “Antigravity” fulfills both of those. Bullyheart not only manages to show incredible range and diversity in style, they do it well." > Full review

"I would definitely recommend everyone give Bullyheart a listen, because they are no doubt, unique. I really hope to hear the name “Bullyheart,” in a few years down the road and see them opening up a huge venue with some big names." > Full review

"Antigravity - It's a statement most would be proud to even be able to make... a bunch of killer cuts to chew on." > Full review

"...The deeper you get into this record, you learn and love the fact Bullyheart changes their styles up with nearly every track, truly showing their awesome range and diversity..." > Full review

"This is a band to keep an eye on, as they could rise above the pitfalls and into stardom with Holly up front, she’s of that iconic female singer ilk." > Full review

"As 'Antigravity' began to play I was immediately thrust into Holly Long’s world, a world of 80s rock, strong women, and incredible vocals. The title track becomes an anthem purely through the strength and power of Holly’s voice..."
> Full review

The Bullyheart tune, "No Pleasing You" off of "Antigravity," was recently used in Episode 3 of NCIS New Orleans.

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